2018 travelers want experiences— not things—and that’s ‘why’ they travel. Let’s narrow down ‘where’ they will go based on a few types of experiences we may seek in the new year:

Local Travel
Millennials looking to travel are setting the trend for budget traveling. Some can afford the extravagant destinations of an elite traveler and take advantage of the strength of the dollar abroad. For others, however, traveling locally within their country or neighboring state is rewarding both culturally and as an experience apart from the norm. And, of course, it’s cheaper to drive and dine at a local dive!

Eco Travel
For travelers seeking unique experiences without the environmental impact, ecotourism is the way to go. Some cities offer a vision of green practices that set them apart from others. In Canada, eco-adventure is a way of life. Vancouver, British Columbia offers unique Aboriginal Eco-Tourism services and Ecotours packed full of activities for nature lovers. Pairing up with a tour service can help ensure you reduce your personal effect while enjoying the excitement and majesty of exploring a new land.

Luxury Travel
Elite travelers now seek access to remote locations over collecting souvenirs. Travelers find luxury in the peace and tranquility of a time removed from the hustle and bustle of home. Bora Bora, a small island in the South Pacific located northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia, is the ultimate luxury getaway for 2018. The turquoise lagoons are renowned for gorgeous scuba diving experiences among the coral reef surrounding the islets. Travelers enjoy the fresh fish and local Polynesian fare and then return to guest bungalows perched above the water. This trip is the perfect retreat to surrender any worries from home and witness the simplicity of island life and the phenomenal views from a bungalow suite bed.

Having all this in mind when creating your vacation packages, consider the experience you will provide for your travelers. That includes creating options for different price ranges and expectations, and add-ons to fulfill that need of a unique experience.

Britni Hiatt