This are the tales of Travtion.

Travtion was born in the summer of 2014 as the merge of two independent software companies. Although both companies provided software for tour operators and travel agencies, the approach and the path taken to get where they were was very different. In no time it was a clear sign for both owners that working together, the shared experience and capacity would make for a great product, and company.

After a lot planning and intensive development and testing, during the last months of 2014, the first version of Travtion Engine came to light. It’d be the first version made by both teams working together. And a complete success, with many praises not only from tour operators but also by providers and people in the business.

At Travtion we like to say that there are main 3 pillars that set the base for what we do:

  • Honest pricing and working as a technology partner for our customers.
  • Professional honesty, also known as “Know when to say no”
  • Face to face relationship

This pages are meant to tell the story, as we see it from behind the trenches, while trying to develop a new way of providing True IT solutions and technology to tour operators, travel agencies and OTA’s.