In the United States, people over 60– from the generation dubbed “Baby Boomers”– consist of more than 80 million consumers. They hold the most disposable income in the nation. This is the demographic of people in their spending prime with money and time to travel. All or most Boomers expect to enjoy one or more leisure trips in the year. Boomers feel confident in making travel plans in general, but many still need and seek travel agents to assist their budgeting and planning. Here are the top interests for Boomers to help your agency organize their trips.


Spontaneous or Structure?

Most Boomers’ trips are in the planning stage, but they have a good idea of where they want to travel based on their bucket list. Ask Boomers about their bucket list destinations– that’s where you will most likely find their international aspirations that need structure. Domestic trips are more common and are usually a combination of summer vacation, weekend getaway, and holiday family trips that require less planning and more spontaneity.


Solo Travel or Tour Groups?

Boomers are mostly traveling as a couple, or with family groups, and rarely solo. They prefer traveling with a spouse or significant other. Solo Boomers feel discouraged to travel because they do not want to go alone. This may be an opportunity for travel agents to suggest tour groups for the solo Boomer– a chance to travel with people for safety and social opportunities. One important distinction, however, is that solo travelers are more willing to travel internationally than to stay domestically.


What kind of experiences?

Boomers are generally looking to book a laid back and relaxing time with family and friends. Due to factors such as no language barriers, passports, nor money changes, Boomers prefer traveling domestically. These no-hassle comforts aid in fulfilling that relaxing time they seek. Additionally, Boomers prefer traveling during Spring and Summer when the weather is generally nicest. It’s easier to achieve a laid-back time when the weather is warmer and areas are not crowded with holiday travelers. This older generation is also more interested in modern amenities that make it easy to eat well, get around without hassle, and shop peacefully. For these reasons, Boomers look for more popular cities and less beach or mountain destinations.


A Travel No-Brainer for Any Generation

Any traveler wants a good deal. Many Boomers are reluctant to travel or are scared that they will not make it to the destination on their bucket list due to budget restraints. Lucky for them, there are many discounts for older travelers. Booking agents will be wise to seek senior discount rates on everything from hotels to rental cars to restaurants.

Britni Hiatt