Berlin, Germany / Orlando, FL USA – January 18th, 2018

GIATA, the world’s largest hotel database, announces today a strategic cooperation with TRAVTION Solutions, the booking engine company that offers more than 500 connections for travel agencies and tour operators. With this partnership customers of Travtion Engine, will be able to offer a unified booking engine without duplicates including all of GIATA’s uniquely identified 655,000 properties.
The partnership significantly increases the content value proposition for Travtion clients, who can now apply GIATA’s de-duped hotel database including 45 million supplier mappings and relating hotel content within TRAVTION’s solutions. For Travtion, this cooperation boosts its ability to serve each customer with the most relevant travel services details and content.

Travtion is an American travel tech company based in Orlando, Florida.
Travtion provides a complete software solution for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies to automatize and sell all their products online; with a powerful back-end that empowers business decisions with real-time insightful information and more than 500 XML connections.
Travel is about connecting people with places. TRAVTION’s job is to provide the people making those connections with the necessary online tools to make the process systematic and effortless.

GIATA is a German travel technology company based in Berlin. The company was established in 1996 and has become a world market leader in the field of travel content. GIATA’s unique specialization is the creation and distribution of non-bookable content that meets the tourism industry’s specific needs. GIATA’s product range includes various web service and service offerings.
The product MultiCodes is offering anybody with a multiple supplier strategy, a hotel database with more than 655,000 unique property identifiers, enabling a matching of more than 45 million supplier codes (as of January 2018). Furthermore, GIATA produces standardized and uniform hotel descriptions and fact sheets (incl. images where available) for 257,000 hotels worldwide in 20 languages (as of January 2018).
The company has over 140 employees at its Berlin Kreuzberg office and cooperates with numerous partners worldwide.