Orlando, FL USA – January 19th, 2018 Feelter, the retail technology company that organizes social media and curates product insights for consumers online, announces today a strategic cooperation with TRAVTION Solutions, the booking engine company that offers more than 500 connections for travel agencies and tour operators. With this partnership customers of Travtion Engine, will be able to offer a customer-centric review tool for the properties available on their system with texts, photos, and videos, including sentiment analysis. With over 4.75 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook, 500 million tweets, and 95 million photos and videos via Instagram shared every day, managing this amount of social posts can be overwhelming. Feelter is a revolutionary natural language processing and machine learning algorithm that curates and publishes only the most relevant property mentions and reviews from across social media and the internet. This content includes both text-based and multimedia reviews that have shown to drive bookings by presenting only the most engaging content available. This partnership combines the strengths of both companies and significantly increases the content value proposition for Travtion clients who can now show advanced properties reviews and scoring based on Feelter’s technology. About TRAVTION Travtion is an American travel tech company based in Orlando, Florida. Travtion provides a complete software solution for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies to automatize and sell all their products online; with a powerful back-end that empowers business decisions with real-time insightful information and more than 500 XML connections. Travel is about connecting people with places. TRAVTION’s job is to provide the people making those connections with the necessary online tools to make the process systematic and effortless. About FEELTER Feelter is the only solution for online retailers that provide an omnichannel, customer-centric reviews tool by solving a major breakdown that occurs when consumers shop online. Focusing on the customer experience, Feelter’s algorithm culls product, hotel and automobile reviews that are posted online via text, photos, and videos, and analyzes sentiment. The company partners with major online retailers and provides a review feature and score that is embedded on the partner’s website and easily accessible for consumers. Consumers benefit from the additional insights, save time, and are happier with their purchases, and websites benefit from higher engagement and conversion rates. //www.feelter.com/